[Video] Serene Footage Will Make You Wish You Were In The Virginia Countryside: DCist

Much like the BEACH promises all the glories of the beach minus sun and sand and water, this short film of the local countryside promises all the glories of nature without the mosquitoes and the heat and the drive to get there.


Filmmakers Ian Reid and Jacob Hurst took a break from their regular work to take a quadcopter out and shoot breathtaking footage of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, Harpers Ferry, and Berryville, among other places.

"It began to just dawn on us how much beauty we miss on a daily basis as we focus on deadlines, annual earnings, and everything that goes with running a company today," Reid says. So the pair dedicated time to forget about deadlines for a little while and create things that would sustain them creatively.

Armed with a DJI Inspire aerial system—with one person operating the quadcopter, the other the camera system—they took in the pristine scenery from above. "It's amazing how quickly the technology has developed that allows us all to film such cinematic shots from angles that were only possible in multi-million dollar productions just a handful of years ago," Reid says.

Indeed, the resulting short film, "Virginia Sky," feels like it could be the opening to a movie. Children running, the still river, greenery for miles. Of course, by the end of it, you'll probably want to brave the mosquitoes and the heat and drive out there—the filmmakers said all the locations they shot were within about 1.5 hours.