Kinemat is passionate about animation. Our motion graphics allow you or your business to share complex ideas with your audience in an easy-to-digest way that live action simply can't deliver. We work with you through the initial design stage to bring you exactly the style and tone you're looking for, as well as providing professional scripting services, access to our excellent sound design team, and a comprehensive screenwrite prior to the project's animation phase. 

We are now also offering mixed motion graphics for live action overlays, anything from professional lower-thirds graphics to motion tracked, interactive elements that add interest and depth to your live action footage.


Aerial Equipment Rental

Kinemat Motion is proud to announce that we are now able to offer aerial equipment rentals. By giving you access to the latest in aerial imaging equipment, Kinemat motion aims to provide a seamless experience for your next project. Whether you're a realtor looking for a way to give your premium listings an edge, or a director looking to add another dimension to your project, we are here to make motion easy. 

A view from the sky of the Battle of Cool Springs in Virginia. It is now a monastery, giving this violent place a serene and beautiful life once more. Shot and directed by Jacob Hurst. 

Technical Prop Support and Staging 

Programmable light shows, and technical staging support for science and engineering based projects are now available from Kinemat Motion. We would love to help make your next science and engineering video more believable with expert support from industry professionals.